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Wonder Women: Networking Tips For The Ladies

November 26, 2014

Woman - the most powerful creature on earth. She can achieve whatever she wants, but wait... why do we see many women entrepreneurs who are not progressing as fast as men do? What should they do? The answer is ‘Do what men do'.  

Today, there are many women who have started or thinking to start their own small business, but they still lag behind due to some basic reasons. Women entrepreneurs should have big networks of people who can link them to the right opportunity,  money, markets and talent.

In other words, there's only one message for women and that is don't waste your time, you must get out there and network. Build up your contacts among peers and professionals. If you don't do this, you are stopping your growth and limiting your success.

Networking Tips For The Ladies:

Ask open ended questions. Don’t answer questions that can be answered with simple yes or no’s or that is what you might just get.

Listen carefully and intently. Listening is the best way to build trust in a new relationship.

Have a 30 second, 1 minute and 2 minute “elevator speech” prepared for when someone asks what you do. Make sure you use every word carefully and powerfully.

Be a connector. Work to think of connections you can make for the person to whom you are speaking. People will naturally want to connect you with prospects as well.

When you share, share the benefits your customers receive as a result using your products and services. People want to know, “what is in it for them?”. For example, “as a result of my services, my clients reduce their stress and improve their stamina. This results in increased self confidence, increased earning potential and the energy to enjoy their time with their family.”

Express your positive thoughts about the person and/or their business. So many times we assume successful people don’t need to be commended or reassured, but everyone enjoys it.

Remember, business networking is marketing, and marketing is a process. Chances are you won’t get 5 new clients or customers from your next networking event. Your goal should be for others to get to know you, the resources you possess and the services you offer. People want to do business with people they like. Realize that these events allow people to become acquainted with you and eventually utilize your services or recommend you to someone else.

Just get out there, fill your heart with a generous spirit, be real, and enjoy yourself! Becoming a successful business networker can open your life up to a miriad of new and wonderful relationships, experiences and profits.

Leelas Irfan, Solsnet Digital Marketing Solutions

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