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Setting The Mood With Music

December 8, 2014

Whether you are at a restaurant, the mall, a concert, the spa, your workplace or listening to the radio; whatever music is playing is the soundtrack for the moment you are in at the time. In the corporate world, whether it's at your office, workplace, celebration or corporate event, whatever the music or background noise that is playing is helping to set the mood and tone of the workplace or event. Depending on what your business is or the type of event that you are hosting, you may want to pay attention to what music should be playing, if music should be playing and how loud the music should be. All of this can help influence your customer's mood and purchasing decisions as well as influence your teams mood and effectiveness. For example, you would expect relaxing low key music to be playing in the background of a spa but if that same music was playing in the background of a movie theatre lobby it probably wouldn't be setting the right tone of the environment. If you are hosting an event where you are introducing potential sales reps to join your company you will most likely want to set the tone with upbeat, fun high-energy music and if you event is large enough you may even want to include a DJ or live entertainment to hype up the crowd as they are arriving. Even if you are hosting a seminar or full day business event you should be setting the tone of the event, whether you want this to be conservative corporate, elegant jazz or upbeat and fun the easiest way to do this is with the music that is played as guests arrive and during any breaks throughout the day. 

If your working environment currently does not play any background music it may be something to consider as even some music playing lightly in the background can make a big difference and a positive influence on your working environment. Think about if you were in a restaurant and there was absolutely no background music on how awkward that might be. Depending on the type of workplace you may decide to simply have some low key instrumental music playing, you may allow your staff to pick music within set guidelines, you may play the local or satellite radio or you can customize a specific playlist that best suits your working environment. 

Themed events and special events at your workplace are becoming more popular. We've been involved with may different corporate events and workplaces that host themed and special events. This could be a themed product launch; one example we did was for a cell phone company that was launching a roaming package. For their media release event we were brought in to DJ a beach themed event playing music that fit the Southern California Surfer / Hawaiian Beach theme of the day. This really helped to set the mood and tone of the event combined with the decor of the event and attire of all staffing at the event. Another example was a corporate bank office that had an internal launch within their office where they wanted to create a fun, upbeat celebration feel to their cafeteria and lounge area. We brought in a DJ to spin some upbeat, fun top 40 music as employee's arrived to work and throughout the full morning as they made several announcements throughout the day and hosted a photobooth for employees. There was a specific corporate plan to help strengthen their identity and to bring some fun into their workplace. 

Terry Holdershaw, Scotia Entertainment Services

Terry founded Scotia Entertainment Services in 2002 while attending college for Audio Engineering Technology. Scotia Entertainment provides Audio-Visual Services, Professional DJ's and Live Entertainment for Corporate Events, Weddings and Social Functions throughout the Greater Toronto and Southern Ontario regions. 

Terry and his team can help you with all your AV and technical requirements as well as any music, DJ and entertainment needs you may have as well.