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Focus On What You Are Good At

August 11, 2014

As a business owner, my goal is to deliver the best service possible to each and every client I work with.  During the first few months following the launch of my business I was adamant that I could do everything - plan the events, manage the day to day administration, and even tackle my bookkeeping.  As the months passed and my client base increased I came to the realization that I needed to let go.  As I business owner it's hard to find great vendors to outsource your business needs to, but once you find those trustworthy companies or individuals, you will never look back.  6 years later my focus is on delivering amazing events - my passion, what I am good at!  The rest?  I leave that to the professionals! 

If you are in the midst of looking for these great business professionals, why not stop by our next NGen event and meet your next potential business partner!

Geraldine Cabral Shake It Up EventsGeraldine Cabral, Shake It Up Events

Shake It Up Events helps corporate, not-for-profit and social clients take their events to the next level. Be it an existing event that needs to be shaken up or a new event that needs to be launched with a bang, Geraldine and her team and will take care of the details so our clients can be a guest at their event!